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Polyethylene Tilt Dump Trucks

$ 727.65

$ 727.65

Product #698: All Tilt Dumps come with a smooth, seamless Polyethylene body which is resistant to grease and oils. Their industrial industrial grade wheels and casters make the Tilt Dumps easy to handle and maneuver through commercial doorways and onto elevators. This combination of strength and maneuverability make them ideal for construction/demolition, recycling and waste management applications.

  • Light Duty models come with a handle and steel undercarriage
  • Standard Duty models come with a handle, steel undercarriage and a steel frame up both ends and under the rim
  • Heavy Duty models come with a handle, steel undercarriage, a steel frame up both ends and under the rim and a steel "belly band" around the middle
  • Optional accessories include 18oz. Steeletex Cap and a White Polyethylene lid with a stainless steel hinge (available for 1/2 Yard and 1 Yard sizes only)
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