Steele Canvas EU's own John Harrington sits down with Inigo Scout founder Josh Robinson for a Q&A surrounding their luxury knitted blanket line.  

Hi, Josh.  First of all, can you tell us, what was the inspiration behind Inigo Scout?

When our twin children, Inigo and Scout, were born they spent a long time in intensive care.  In the corner of the unit sat a box of knitted blankets. These blankets were an important part of the daily ritual for families with kids in care. We would put them on the cots and take them off - it helped us feel like we were helping. Inigo and Scout grew bigger and stronger and eventually came home. We wanted to do something to help children who do not have the level of care we enjoyed. We began thinking about blankets and how these could be used to helpFor so many children, even warmth at night is far from a birth right. We set out to create 'the world’s most beautiful blankets'.


Tell us a little more about what you mean by ‘art with purpose’ and ‘luxury with soul’?

Art is central to the brand, not just because it brings colour, but because it embodies freedom, confidence and collaboration. We invite artists from anywhere in the world to create a piece for Inigo Scout and we weave this in the finest wool on the looms of the world’s most coveted mill in Scotland. The blankets are designed to be hung on the wall or thrown on a bed or sofa. And we wanted to make the best blankets money could buy. Absolute luxury.  Art and luxury are often thought of as frivolous or even unnecessary expenses. Inigo Scout shows how art can have a real purpose and how luxury can have real soul. 

So, this is how your Give One. Give Ten. model came about...

Yes. The likes of TOMS and Warby Parker have been a huge inspiration. A simple, positive, powerful business model. Our customers make a huge impact when they purchase an Inigo Scout blanket: ten children in need of warmth are given blankets of their own. These ten blankets are made by people in the children’s own community. We teach people to knit and we give them an income to do so. Our inaugural project is happening now in the Cape Flats on the outskirts of Cape Town, South Africa where we work with Knit For Peace, our registered charity partner.  

We are very proud to work with you. Can you explain how this collaboration came about?

We have been big Steele Canvas fans for a long time! You guys are true specialists who take enormous care over your product. We wanted to wrap our blankets in something that would contrast the softness of our blankets and capture the essence of art. What better than a blank canvas?! We reached out to John Harrington, Steele Canvas's man in Europe, and the rest is history. Every Inigo Scout blanket is limited edition, signed by the artist and comes wrapped in a beautiful Steele Canvas sleeve. One day we might invite customers to submit their own artwork on the canvas! We’ll see…


So, what next for Inigo Scout?

Our vision is that every family home owned by those fortunate enough to be able to afford art should have an Inigo Scout blanket in it. Imagine the impact that would have on the lives of children around the world! We are driven by that vision. We are working hard to get our story out there and we are looking for stores and galleries that are excited by our product and believe in our purpose!


Inigo Scout is run by husband and wife team, Josh and Lisa Robinson. They live with their children, Inigo and Scout, in Winchester, Hampshire, UK.

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