Did you know that Get Organized Day falls on April 26th every year? It's the perfect time of the year to declutter and clean up your home and work space. Getting organized has tons of benefits for both mental and physical health. With more room to maneuver, you can be more effective in getting the job done, whatever it may be. Check out our tips for getting and staying organized. 

Canvas Trucks & Caddies for Laundry Organization

Canvas trucks are some of our most popular sellers because of their terrific organizational ability. They are sturdy enough to hold anything you can fit in them and with wood, lids can become a desk or stool in a pinch. Our caddies are tall and slim to conveniently fit in a corner or nook. Did we mention these trucks and caddies are stylish? They fit the motif of just about any home or office with a beautiful natural canvas look. 

Baskets for the Pantry or Office

Have you been searching for a neat and elegant way to store shoes and blankets? Steele Canvas' line of baskets comes in a wide range of bushel sizes to make staying organized a breeze. The durability of these baskets means that they'll always keep their shape and won't let you down. 

Stay Organized While You Aren't at Home

Getting organized at home is important, but it's you want to be organized on the go as well, right? With our totes and lineup of other bags, we've got you covered. Steele offers totes in just about every shape and size whether you need an overnight bag, a tote for the beach, or a stylish satchel for the farmers market. 


Check out our shop for the best items and celebrate Get Organized Day with Steele Canvas Basket.