Go Back to School with Steele Canvas

Whether you're helping your children get back into learning mode or heading back to campus yourself, you're going to need some new gear to make this year one to remember. Oftentimes, schools provide students with lists of items they need, but we're here in to fill in what is missing with our American-made accessories and bags. 

We've put together a guide to make back to school a breeze this year. 

For Kids and Teens

Staying organized probably isn't the biggest strength of your child or teen, but luckily, they've got you to help them out. Here are our picks for elementary and high school students. 


New this year, we've developed vinyl carry-all pouches that work terrifically as pencil cases or keeping valuables safe during activities. 


You'll also want to make sure that your child has their pencils, notebooks, and outfits that they feel confident in. Check out KJP for some American-made clothing for kids that will allow them to express themselves. 

For College Students

Your college-aged children may not be as open to your suggestions when it comes to clothing and decor options, but deep down they still know that Mom (and Dad) know best. 


For this back-to-school season, we are bringing back an old favorite. Say hello to the bag caddie with a strap. The strap makes our bag caddies that everyone knows and loves a large laundry bag that is ideal for those students who wait until Thanksgiving break to do their laundry. 


You can make sure that your son or daughter is staying hydrated with a spiffy new water bottle. Whether they're stopping by the rec center or hanging out in the library, a nice bottle will get tons of use. Check out these American-made options for your college kid. 

For Parents

Back-to-school shopping shouldn't be strictly for kids, it's a great time of the year for parents to refresh their wardrobes and snag some cool gear. 


While many manufacturers are opting to call their fanny packs, "cross-body bags" or "sling bags", at Steele Canvas Basket, we are cool moms who still call them fanny packs. Our new take on an old favorite comes in durable vinyl & vibrant colors that make it the perfect companion for trips to visit your favorite pupils. 


That's not all we've got for parents, we've discounted some of our space-saving favorites like corner caddies and more to help outfit your home with classic canvas style. 

We also offer Weekender bags that are chic and the perfect size for a few outfits and your best tailgating shoes for parent's weekend.