This small business week, Steele Canvas Basket would like to shine a light on one of our favorite small businesses to collaborate with: Cheeky Monkey Home

tote bag collection

Holly Johnson started her business about ten years ago, using a unique appliqué technique and fine wool felt, timeless design, and impeccable craftsmanship. She and her team of wonderful sewers have had success thanks to their creativity and talent.

Holly started the Sew@Home program in 2017 and employs refugee women and women re-settling in the Boston area. The program offers a work-from-home opportunity for talented sewers while building a community through mentorship and training. 

The Cheeky Monkey Home studio & retail shop is located in Belmont, MA. Her main focus was on pillows and accessories, but about three years ago, she found Steele Canvas tote bags and inquired about a collaboration. Our creative director, Frank, worked with Holly on forming a business partnership providing Holly and her team with high-quality locally made canvas and vinyl totes. Holly then uses her design prowess, applique, & sewing talents to bring beautiful bags to the Cheeky Monkey Home shelves. 

Custom applique tote

"As a small business owner,  it has been wonderful to work with a local manufacturer who not only produces high-quality products but is also flexible and creative!  I am thrilled with the partnership we have established and our customers are loving all of the Steele Canvas products in our collection at Cheeky Monkey Home." - Holly Johnson

Our team thoroughly enjoys working with Holly because she is a local creative that helps to employ skilled craftspeople in her community. We love having her visit the shop. Cheeky Monkey Home and Steele Canvas Basket have many shared values, which are reflected in our partnership. We look forward to future collaborations. 

Read more about Holly and Cheeky Monkey Home here.