You've met the love of your life, found a perfect date to marry them, a venue, and everything else. Now it's time to take a look at what you and your partner need as a new couple and begin on your wedding registry. 

A wedding registry should be a mix of essential items with some nice-to-have upgrades to your old housewares and decor. Ideally, these items will help set the foundation for the home that you share. 

Here are some fantastic products from Steele Canvas for your wedding registry along with some awesome products from other American-made brands.

Kitchen Cookware & Accessories

As you've probably noticed, kitchen gadgets like air fryers and home pizza ovens have become all the rage in recent years. There are still many classics though, like cutlery sets, pots & pans, and drinkware in which you can never go wrong. 

Kitchen storage is another avenue to explore as most of us don't have as much space as we'd like in a room so focused on function. Whether you are a coffee lover, a home chef, or enjoy entertaining at home, there is always a need for smart storage in a kitchen. Think outside the box with storage baskets from our team at Steele Canvas Basket. We offer different sizes and colors to fit any pantry or maintain neat cabinets. 

storage baskets on the bottom shelf of a pantry

Bedroom & Linens

There's a reason why linens, bedroom decor, and accessories have been mainstays of wedding registries for generations, they're essential, especially for couples moving into a new home together. Starting a life together with fresh new bedding, furniture and decor will make a space feel more full and feel like home sooner. 

Moving into a home from an old, drab apartment, you'll want to opt for higher quality essentials that will last, like American-made laundry baskets & trucks. Our options at Steele help to organize you and your partner's dirty laundry while adding a level of sophistication to the space. 

rolling laundry cart next to bed

For Couples Who Love to Travel

Traveling with your partner is one of the best ways to get even closer, but it doesn't always come cheap. Consider a honeymoon or travel fund so that friends and family can help make your special trip happen. Gift cards for airlines or resorts are great as well. 

Newlyweds can always use thoughtful luggage options for their new adventures together. No one wants to lug their old giant suitcase on a weekend trip. Consider The Weekender Bag from our team at Steele which offers a chic appearance and enough room for a few days away. We also offer a variety of other bags in both canvas and vinyl. 

Weekender bags sitting on a bed
With this list of long-lasting and useful products, we hope that you're now feeling inspired to build your own registry for your happily ever after. ♡