Today a few members of the Steele family had the opportunity to visit the Northeast Animal Shelter in Salem, MA to tour the facility and drop off the proceeds from our Thank You For Being A Friend Tote fundraiser and the social media driven #bettywhitechallenge.  With your help we were able to donate $11,000 to help support animals rescued from across the country for a second chance in a new home.


The donation not only helps support the relocation of these beautiful animals, but also helps with the heath and behavioral needs of each animal. The end goal setting up each animal with a new family to call their own.

All the animals brought into the Northeast Animal Shelter are adopted within 7 days after leaving their initial isolation period where they become acquainted to better living conditions and medical checks.

The shelter also provides animal food for families that are unable to get it.

If you are interested in donating directly to the Northeast Animal Shelter please visit here:

For those who are interested in adopting an animal please visit here:


Thank you again for your support of the Northeast Animal Shelter and helping make a difference in honor of the late Betty White.