For Immediate Release

May 5, 2015

Renowned American manufacturer brings back the classic Sling Chair    

CHELSEA, MA - Steele Canvas Basket Corporation, established in 1921, is proud to announce the re-launch of the Steele Sling Chair, in the large and half pint sizes.  First introduced in the 1960 catalog "10 Canvas Gift Ideas for the Homeowner," the chairs quickly became a staple at Design Research, the influential contemporary living store in Harvard Square (Cambridge, MA).  Although Steele Canvas halted production of the chairs back in the 1970s, their iconic design and solid construction have kept them relevant and beloved during the intervening decades.

The large Sling chair is made with a powder-coated, hand bent and welded, 1/2” cold rolled U.S. steel frame. Whether circled around a fire pit in the backyard or lined up side by side on the front porch, these chairs will make you feel right at home. The large Sling Chair is available online for $275.00.

 The half pint Sling Chair may be smaller than the classic size, but its powder-coated, 3/8" cold rolled U.S. steel frame ensures it can hold its own against any little ones.  Great for playtime, lunchtime, nap time, or go outside and leave me alone time, this hearty half pint Sling Chair is perfect for your little angel or devil.  The half pint chair is available online for $175.00.

Both size chairs come with industrial grade #8 duck canvas slings, which are available in a variety of colors (Deep Auburn, Red, Pink, Orange, Yellow, Olive, Green, Cobalt, Navy, British Tan, Natural, Briquette, and Black). 

Steele Canvas has been around for almost a century for one simple reason - quality.  Whether it was the coal bins they made in the 30s, the steaming baskets they rolled out in the 50s, or the tough-as-nails industrial trucks you see on construction sites across the country today: If it's built by Steele, it's built to last.  Steele’s Sling Chairs are tougher than they need to be and will probably be around long after you and I are gone.  Why would you settle for anything less?