For as long as we can remember Steele Canvas collaborated with a variety of brands to help bring strategic growth with our American made product line. In February of 2020 we had the opportunity to host our partners at the The Laundress for a factory visit.

During that time we were able to put our heads together to design a cart both beautiful, yet functional for the growing Laundress brand.

The emphasis on the design for these carts was usability, the highlight was the usability of the removable wood lid. Giving the customer an opportunity to not just hide their laundry, but also a space to fold upon completion.

"Whiting noticed their offices’ elegant wood-topped baskets lined in white vinyl. She knew they could solve the perennial urban problem of not having enough room and the universal problem of ugly hampers. “People really underestimate workspace,” she says, and these chic rollers offer just the right amount. (In a pinch, one can even imagine turning one into a chic wet bar.)" Quote from Architectural Digest article.

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To learn more about the Laundress and visit the products visit here