Canvas tote bags are a fashion staple all over the world and have been for years. They come in so many different shapes, sizes, and even colors. Canvas totes are hugely popular for their everyday utility, but that also means that they are prone to getting dirty after prolonged use. We've put together a guide to help you clean your canvas without causing any damage. 

Prep Your Bag for Cleaning

No matter the condition of your bag, it's important to prepare it for cleaning, which means ensuring that it is totally empty of its contents. You'll also want to remove any pins or keychains attached to the bag. After that, use a lint roller on both the outside and inside (turn inside out) of the bag. Finally, check any tags to see if there are washing instructions on your product. 

Once your bag is totally empty it is now ready to wash. Let's take a quick look at your options. 

Machine Washing

Do not wash tote bags in a machine

This isn't something that we'd recommend unless you've checked the tag or other product info recommending your canvas bag be washed in a machine. If the bag does have instructions, be sure to follow them to the absolute letter to avoid damage to your bag. Typically, you'll want to wash in cold water and be cognizant of the chemicals in any detergent you may be using. Remember, not all canvas bags are machine washable*. 

Spot Treating by Hand

First off, wash your hands and clean off a workspace for yourself. The safest and smartest way to clean your canvas bag without damaging it is to start small. That means using a soft washcloth and warm water, if the stain still isn't coming out, then a toothbrush and mild soap can be used but don't scrub with too much fervor.
 wash cloths for gentle cleaning

Before using any sort of product touted as a stain remover, use it on a very small part of the bag at first. There is no going back once your canvas is faded, stained, or chemically burnt. Remember, a little goes a long way, even for more mild soaps. 

Drying Your Tote

After cleaning your bag, you're probably excited to begin using it again. Hold up though, you want to make sure that it's totally dry before you go putting it to good use once again. 

*For Steele Canvas products specifically: Spot clean with a slightly damp cloth. Reach out to our customer service team if you need further assistance with cleaning your Steele products.