A trip to the beach can be one of the best summertime activities for people of all ages and lifestyles. The best way to ensure a successful beach outing is to make sure that you're prepared. Read on for tips on packing your beach tote for a terrific time down by the shore. 

Always Wear Protection

Sun damage is no joke! You should really to try wear some form of UV protection every day, even when it doesn't seem like a hot day. Sunscreen is probably the most important thing to remember for the beach if you want to have a good time. 

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No one wants to look (and/or feel) like a boiled lobster, so make sure you pack at least SPF 30 in your beach bag and reapply every couple of hours. A hat or visor and some sunglasses can help keep you cool and comfy as well! 

Your Favorite Mat, Chair, or Towel

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This one is going to be dependent on personal preference. Whether you're someone that loves getting in the water and enjoying the waves or you're happier sitting down with a good book, you'll want to be comfortable. You'll likely want to pair it with an umbrella or some kind of shade. Beach tents are fantastic to give little ones a break from the sun. 

A Trusty Cooler

Whether you like your coolers high-tech or you've got an ole' reliable, cool drinks are a must-have for the beach.  

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You'll save money by bringing your own beverages and snacks, plus you'll get to spend more time actually enjoying the beach. Freezing water bottles to use as ice is great for the beach, it helps ensure you've always got some water on hand in the heat. 

Something Warm for When the Sun Goes Down

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Oftentimes, summer days turn into summer nights, and you don't want to pack up early because you didn't come prepared. Make sure your tote bag is packed with some sleeves for yourself and the family or maybe even an extra outfit depending on your geography. Weather can change quickly!

Toys (or some kind of activity) for the Tots

Keeping the little ones occupied is key to making the beach enjoyable for all. Pack up some toys in your trusty tote bag so your little ones can get to constructing a sandcastle.

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Don't forget to bring a book or something to entertain yourself as well. 

Keep Some Cash on Hand

Bring a pouch with a few dollars in it. You never know when the ice cream truck is going to come by or you end up having to pay for parking. Plus, if you happen to forget anything above, many beaches have shops packed with essentials and nice-to-have beach items. 

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Now that you've got a packing list ready for the beach, don't forget a bag to put everything in! Steele Canvas has got you covered with our collection of beach totes in different shapes & sizes.