Laundry, a chore as old as time itself, has undergone a transformation over time. Gone are the days of cheap, plastic baskets; today, we have a myriad of options to choose from. While laundry itself may never become your favorite hobby, the right laundry basket can make the task considerably more manageable. So, what makes the perfect laundry basket? Let's dive in and explore the key factors that turn a simple container into an essential tool for keeping your laundry routine efficient and hassle-free.


We've all heard the advice about separating whites from colors, and while it might not be gospel for every load (check out Food 52’s take on this), some of us still prefer to keep things organized. Especially when you're dealing with delicate lace or your teenager's gym gear that could use a bit of extra isolation.

But here's where dividers truly shine - in bustling households. No more heated debates with your kids over whose socks are whose. With dividers, everyone gets their own designated space, and peace reigns supreme in the laundry room.

Elevated Height

As the years go by, our backs may not be as spry as they once were, and alas, laundry is here to stay. So why not treat yourself to a laundry basket that lessens the load a bit? An elevated laundry basket is your ticket to a world where you no longer need to bend and stretch like a yoga guru to retrieve that elusive sock hiding in the abyss.


Laundry loads can be heavy, and the thought of lugging them around in a basket can be daunting for some. Why not add some wheels to the mix? We're not talking about just any wheels; we mean high-quality ones that can handle hefty loads with grace. Glide your laundry basket effortlessly across rugs, carpets, and thresholds. Rolling laundry hampers are a game-changer, especially for those with a family-sized mountain of dirty clothes to tackle.

Shoulder Strap

Not everyone has the luxury of a laundry room on the same floor as their living space. For those of us who have to embark on a laundry pilgrimage down to a communal laundry room or laundromat, a shoulder strap is a lifesaver. It's also a boon for apartment dwellers who need to navigate stairwells and corridors. With a shoulder strap, your laundry basket becomes a versatile companion, ready to take on any journey you throw its way.


Let's face it, laundry is an everyday affair, but that doesn't mean it has to clash with your home's decor. Enter the laundry basket with a lid, a brilliant way to keep everything looking tidy and in sync with your interior aesthetics. With a lid, your laundry basket becomes more than just a functional item; it transforms into a multifunctional gem with a built-in folding surface. In smaller homes and apartments, where guests might catch a glimpse of your laundry area, why not turn it into a stylish part of your home rather than an eyesore?


No matter what your living space looks like, introducing a laundry basket with these thoughtful features will undoubtedly inject some much-needed oomph into your laundry routine. So, say goodbye to laundry woes and embrace a world where chores become a breeze with the perfect laundry basket by your side.