Commercial carts are useful for so many business applications, from laundry to moving companies, athletic departments and so much more. If you've got to move laundry or goods from one place to another without needing the help of multiple people or risking safety. Keep reading to find out if industrial carts are the right tool for your job.

Hotels & Gyms

vinyl rolling laundry cart

Many hotels and gyms have used rolling laundry carts for decades now. They are a trusty way for one person to collect a large amount of dirty sheets, towels, etc. Some laundry carts, like the ones we offer at Steele Canvas, have a protective vinyl body with a BACshield that prevents the growth of mold, mildew, and bacteria. Rolling trucks help protect backs by reducing bending but also help keep guests and staff safe with hygiene in mind.

College & Pro Athletics

Athletic teams, both at the collegiate and professional level tend to have a lot of laundry and equipment that needs hauling. Commercial carts are built with durability in mind, so no matter what needs stored or moved around the facility, trucks can get the job done. A BACshield also comes in clutch for athletes and staff, keeping germs away and locker rooms cleaner. 

 vinyl college move in cart

Steele Canvas also offers carts to help students move into dorms and other housing, check those out here

Demolition & Construction

Industrial or commercial carts are perfect for helping to move materials and removing scrap. It allows for easier loading and unloading at job sites as well. Plus, they can help cut down on clean up times so you can get to the next job faster. 

 Polyethylene rolling cart

Commercial carts come in so many different sizes and materials, there is surely the perfect option for you out there. Check out the Industrial products line on our website to find the cart that's right for you.