Permanent vs. Removable Styles?

We're a small team at Steele Canvas Basket, and a huge advantage of that is we're able to speak with our customers frequently and use their feedback when we make new products. This has led to a larger product lineup than we've had in the past, so we created a handy guide to let you know about the differences in some of our flagship offerings. 

Permanent Style
Removable Style
The canvas or vinyl body of your Truck or Caddie is sewn in while we make it The canvas or vinyl body of your Truck or Caddie can be removed or swapped out
More options to create your ideal Truck or Caddie with 4 different rim choices Available shoulder strap option for Caddies made for folks with laundry on a different floor of their home
Mix or match materials to build the ultimate solution that fits your needs
Swap out colors or materials as needed while using the same frame


Removable Style Options

This option was made for those who don't have their washing machine on the same floor that they gather their laundry on (which is the case for many of us at Steele). With removable style trucks and caddies, you're able to unrope the canvas or vinyl body for the frame for easy carrying. Our removable style caddies even allow for a shoulder strap option, so trips down to the laundry room or laundromat are a breeze. 

Featured products: 

 small removable bag caddie on casters
removable style rolling laundry basket


Permanent Style Options

Permanent-style trucks and caddies are made for people who want to build their units with more customization options. With a sewn-on rim, you have the option to choose from 4 different rim materials including brown leather, black leather, vegetable tanned leather, and grey vinyl to create the perfect aesthetic for your home and lifestyle. To build your permanent style custom cart, first, select the body material and caster size, then you'll decide on a rim option and if your product needs a divider.

Featured products: 

Elevated Truck - Permanent Style
permanent style slim laundry basket
Elevated canvas laundry hamper on wheels

At the end of the day, both removable and permanent style trucks and caddies have been serving our residential and commercial customers well over the past century. Either would be an excellent option for your home, it just boils down to your personal needs and preferences. Thank you for reading and considering our American made solutions.